Sunday, June 17, 2012

Show Me Sunday- Favorite Websites Linky Party

It's that time again on 3-6 Free Resources..... Show Me Sunday! 
This month's theme: Favorite Websites Used in your Classroom

Here are my top three sites:

Terrific site where students can design their own storybook. We used this site to publish our Fractured Fairy Tales with color illustrations, title page, dedication page, and an About the Author page. Every student received a free color paperback book with the option to buy extra copies or a hardcover version.  So awesome!

I cannot recommend this site highly enough. There are literally thousands of educational videos on any conceivable topic - from Basic Addition and Biology to Art History and Physics - all totally FREE.  All the videos are in bite-sized chunks about 10 minutes long done with a microphone and virtual chalkboard.  Most of the topics are clearly for a high school or adult audience, but there are several topics geared toward the lower grades and I love to explore this site when I need (or just want!) to know more about a topic. Free and easy content knowledge enhancement!  This would also be a great at-home resource to share with parents and students.

Love this website! It's a terrific tool that helps track and manage behaviors in real-time with your computer or smartphone. It's flexible, fun, free, has great features for parents, and the company is constantly upgrading in response to teacher feedback. I started this in the last quarter of the school year and I can't wait to begin the year with it. I have blogged about ClassDojo before, so if you want more detailed information, check out this post.  :-)

What are your favorite websites to use in your class?
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  1. Funny - 2 of mine are your favorites too! I love Class Dojo!!! It was a lifesaver this year. I also love Khan Academy - it has been an inspiration as I try to flip my classroom.
    2 more I love love love are This site allows students to make short videos - we used it for book trailers! I also love We used this one to do character sketches and summaries. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for those suggestions Joann - I will check them out!

  3. Hi Corrina! I just downloaded your awesome Cafe posters - thank you! Also, I am excited to check out It sounds very cool. Glad I found your site. I'm your newest follower.

    The Teaching Thief

  4. Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by - I'm glad you liked the posters. :-) Next year I'm going to try a Poetry Book through Student Publishing.

  5. I love khan academy! Some of the 7th grade parents asked me at the end of the year what they could do to prepare for 8th grade since with common core it will be more rigorous, I suggested Khan Academy. They have an app on the Ipad too and I used it for more direct instruction for the students that need to hear it more than once.

    1. Alana - I'll be using Kahn Academy a lot myself this summer to get tuned up to teach Math next year. It's been a LOOOOONG time! Plus, our district does Investigation, so that's a whole 'nother ball of wax. :-)

  6. We use Khan academy a LOT. It helped me when I had not taught math for awhile. We also use, as I run 4-5 different spelling groups to help improve spelling and writing skills through technology. Even the tests are easy to record their grades. Students just log on, take the test assigned to their level, and then come up to show me. I record their scores right then and there!


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