Sunday, May 20, 2012

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

An English friend of mine used to say, "start as you mean to go on".  So when I decided to begin blogging, I knew from the start - even though I was thoroughly green - that I wanted a truly great blog design. A space that was pleasing to view, welcoming to visitors, and also inspiring to myself since I'll be spending so much time immersed in it.

Blog "Before"
And from my point of view, Misty & Erika from Honey Bunch Blog Design absolutely achieved that. Here is the Before picture, which my darling husband so kindly called "ugly"!

And just look around for the After - to even say that it's better doesn't begin to do it justice. I contacted HBBD when I started noticing that the blog designs I liked the most were their work. Places like Tales From Outside the Classroom, Dennett's Teaching Tools, and Teaching in Sixth Grade.

When I first started talking to Misty, I had a vague notion of what I wanted, but nothing definite. Something that matched the "diary" of my title with perhaps some notebook paper.

And I am thrilled with how Erika brought it all together, highlighting the features I loved best like the clever flowers made of pencil shavings, string, and paperclips.

If your blog needs a little (or a big!) "lift", I wholeheartedly recommend Honey Bunch Blog Design. I just know you'll love their work! 


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