Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Day thank you....

 A heartfelt thank you to all the terrific Moms who work so hard and give of themselves every day....

And a special thanks to my Mom who.......
  • helped me paint my classroom two summers ago
  • sewed the gold trim on my toga for Greek Day last year
  • proofread my first Welcome Packet about twenty times and helped me make adjustments
  • took my daughters to her house for a sleepover the weekend I had grades due and over 50 Persuasive Essays to score
  • did not roll her eyes or laugh when I mentioned I was starting a teaching blog  :-)
I guess you never really outgrow needing your Mom, and I am so very lucky to have her.

Last Thursday I was invited to my daughter's preschool class for "Muffins for Mom" where she gave me these.......

Not quite accurate (26? Meat?), but oh so cute!

Hope you all had a marvelous Mother's Day!

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