Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Gift

Since I've started teaching in a middle school, I've rarely included many seasonal or holiday craft activities. I guess I was worried that my uber-cool sixth graders would balk at something too crafty or sentimental. But I recently ran across Laura Candler's free printable Mother's Day Coupons so I decided to break tradition and try them today.


 I gave my student supplies to create a card to put them in, and let them get to work. Some made traditional cards with construction paper flowers, hearts, and lots-o-glitter - my gals just LOVE them some glitter this year! One of the boys turned his into a little booklet while another girl created a "pop-up" based on a technique we used recently for a book project. 

 Clever ideas!

Are you doing something special with your class for Mother's Day?  

And now that I have set the precedent - help! I need some ideas for Father's Day!!


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  2. A very interesting post,
    I want to thank you for commenting on my post!
    I am glad to have found another Grade6 blog.

    Enjoy Teaching English

  3. You're welcome, Lusine! I love collaborating with other teachers!


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